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The old threads are unraveling

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Layla sent me this poem and I promised her that I would publish it. It is every bit as beautiful as the one I published last week but it’s message is quite different.

I awake sometimes in the morning dreading the task of turning on the news. It is anything but a golden moment for the human race, especially in matters that should have been resolved a long time ago. We face new trials and tribulations everyday it seems, the wounds and differences of the past should hold no weight now. We need to roll up our sleeves and begin to renew.

Let’s hope these beautiful words give us hope and courage for a new time of understanding, forgiveness and tolerance. And that each and everyone can apply it to our own day to day lives. Because changes starts at home … it starts with us … it starts with me and you.

I loved this poem immediately as it speaks of weaving and sewing – a metaphor that holds great meaning for me personally. Again, Alessia could give us many beautiful images and examples .. perhaps she would be so good to post a couple here…

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The old threads are unraveling By Julia Myers

“Get your needles ready. We are stitching a new quilt of humanity. Bring your old t-shirts, worn out jeans, scarves, antique gowns, aprons, old pockets of plenty who have held Earth’s treasures, stones, feathers, leaves, love notes on paper. Each stitch A mindful meditation. Each piece of material A story. The more color the better, so call in the tribes. Threads of browns, whites, reds, oranges Women from all nations start stitching. Let’s recycle the hate, the abuse, the fear, the judgement. Turn it over, wash it clean, ring it out to dry. It’s a revolution of recycled wears. Threads of green, blues, purples Colorful threads of peace, kindness, respect, compassion are being stitched from one continent to the next over forests, oceans, mountains. The work is hard your fingers bleed. But each cloth stitched together brings together a community A world, our future world Under one colorful quilt. The new quilt of humanity.

Dana Goodin for USA Roots&Traditions