Dana Goodin

Dana Goodin

I live my life immersed in music and dance, movement and fitness, training dancers and athletes & dreaming up new ways to express myself, hoping to show others how to do so also.

I teach and train small children from 3 years of age to adults 80 + years young.

I give a hand to professional athletes, instructors and dancers but also to motivated amateurs with a burning desire to express themselves.

I live in a world of rhythm and creativity, but also of hard work, trying to make not only my own dreams come true but that of countless others, whether it’s crossing a finish line or doing a high flying gran jete’, basic vine step, or just living a heathy pain-free life …

all of these goals are equally important… to me.

I am extremely proud of my American Heritage (Anglo-Saxon and Native American) and having had the immense fortune of a USA upbringing that led me studying – working and dancing throughout the Midwest (Heartland) to the west then east coast before arriving in Italy.

I am quite a US-Italia hybrid, thinking (and dreaming) in italian and English alike, but my heart will always beat with the Red, White and Blue!

Glad to be a part of a project that loves my culture as much as I do!

Dana for Women in Country

Quando vuoi parlare di America, ma ne vuoi parlare attraverso dei professionisti, non puoi non avere con te persone che negli States ci sono nate, ci hanno vissuto e sono cresciute con le tradizioni, le abitudini, gli usi e i costumi del posto.

E Dana porta con sé tutto questo e lo racconta con la stessa passione di chi racconta con piacevole nostalgia delle sue radici. La sua rubrica è “USA Roots&Traditions”.